People On Twitter Are Exposing The Ignorance Surrounding Mental Health

Though the stigma surrounding mental health issues has definitely diminished in recent years, it's a long way from disappearing altogether.
At the same time, a recent report has revealed that alarming numbers of young people are experiencing stress, anxiety, other mental problems and general unhappiness.
So it's vital that when someone does open up about their mental wellbeing, they don't receive a response that's dismissive or even damaging.
Over the weekend, British journalist Hattie Gladwell sought to expose the lingering stigma and ignorance surrounding mental health issues by starting the hashtag #ThingsPeopleHaveSaidAboutMyMentalIllness.
"Quote this tweet with the most unhelpful/insensitive thing someone has said to you about your mental illness," Gladwell tweeted. "I’ll start: One person told me I didn’t need medication, I just needed to be more motivated to cope with my mental health."
At the time of writing, over a thousand people have replied, sharing comments that are shocking, tone deaf and often thoroughly unhelpful. Check out a selection below (or scroll through the hashtag on Twitter for the full range).
Unsurprisingly, familiar old chestnuts like "you're just doing this for attention" and "cheer up, you'll make everyone else depressed" crop up several times. Seriously, can you believe anyone is still saying stuff like this in 2018?
Glib and dismissive responses to mental health problems aren't just potentially hurtful; they could deter people from seeking professional help which could make them feel better. We can't all be mental health experts, but we can all be compassionate and empathetic.
You can find out more about mental health problems (and how to access help) though the charity Mind and the NHS website.
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