This Woman Called Out Working Mum-Shaming & Went Viral

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A woman's supremely honest Facebook post about the difficulties of being a working mum has gone viral this week.
Since Melbourne-based Adele Barbaro posted a candid account of her daily life on 20th April, it's been shared 7,500 times and liked 20,000 times.
Barbaro, who blogs as "The Real Momma", uses the post to confront the negative energy that some new mothers can experience when they return to the workplace.
"Let me assure you that they are on edge at work, hoping that daycare won’t call, and their heart drops when the phone rings," Barbaro writes. "They don’t want to leave again. They know how it looks. And if they leave, it’s because they have nobody else to cover them."
After expressing gratitude that she now works with colleagues who understand the gruelling balancing act she faces on a daily basis, Barbaro recalls that "in previous roles, I’ve felt the eye rolls and the guilt".
"Know that the new mum is finding her feet," Barbaro urges. "The missed days at work are short lived. And behind the dark eyes is the same women that was first hired.... and she will be back. But she just needs a little understanding and a knowing smile."
Barbaro's post has also attracted more than 1,800 comments – the vast majority overwhelmingly positive.
One fellow mum wrote: "this!! Is spot on! The worst feeling ever having to go to the managers office and tell them you have to leave early or ASAP to go to child care to pick up your child who is now sick."
Another added: "So true! Got told ‘this is happening far too often and we are watching you’. That’s when you know it’s time to move on."
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