ASOS's New Feature Just Made Shopping A Whole Lot Better

Anyone who buys clothes online without trying them on beforehand will know about the frequent disconnect between the way a garment looks on a professional model compared to how it might look on an (equally beautiful but differently shaped) normal human body.
Unfortunately, because most websites only hire certain kinds of bodies to model their clothes on the internet, returning ill-fitting clothes is a feature of modern life for many of us who like to shop. But ASOS' game-changing latest move could cut the number of lunchtimes you end up wasting in the post office queue.
The online retailer has already made great strides towards body positivity and inclusivity, and has long been a trailblazer for plus-size fashion.
Now it's showing what the same clothes look like on different-sized models, giving shoppers a better idea of how a garment will look on a body like theirs.
The feature is already available on select women's items on the website and will be rolled out on ASOS' app soon.
"We’re always testing new technology that can make our customers’ experience even better," an ASOS spokesperson told us. "In this case, we’re experimenting how to show product on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape."
Feedback on the feature on social media has been positive so far.
Replying to a question on Twitter, the brand couldn't yet say whether or not the feature would be available for menswear, but it would make any announcements on social media.
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