Oprah Wants Nothing To Do With Reese Witherspoon's Obsessive Planning

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If Oprah Winfrey makes fun of you on national television, there's only one thing you can do: Sit there and enjoy every single moment of it.
While on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Oprah gave fans an insight into what it was really like to work with Reese Witherspoon on A Wrinkle In Time in New Zealand and let's just say, it involved lots and lots of planning and activities.
"'This is what we're doing, y'all,'" Oprah said while doing her best Witherspoon impression. "I have a helicopter that's going to pick us up right in front of the yard, right there, right in front of the yard. Then, we're going to go to the top of a mountain. We're going to hike, y'all. Then, we're going to get on a boat, y'all. Then, I found this beautiful yoga place, y'all. It's fantastic, y'all! Then, we're going to meet for drinks, y'all. Then, we're going to go dancing, y'all. There's this great place in Queenstown; we're going, y'all...We're going to squeeze all the juice out of this orange, y'all."
BRB, dying over Oprah slamming Reese for her excessive use of the word, "y'all." Also, does anyone else need a nap after just reading about these activities?
Some of those activities sound like a lot of fun! Can any of us really blame Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling for wanting to spend every waking moment with the one-and-only Oprah? Besides, as Kaling noted, they really just wanted to help the legendary actress feel more comfortable.
"We're like, 'We're in New Zealand; you ain't got no Gail here,'" Kaling joked. "'We're your new Gail.'"
This wasn't the first time the women have been candid about their newly formed friendships. Recently, Kaling told USA Today that Oprah sent her a hand-carved bookshelf stocked with 100 children's books to celebrate the birth of her daughter, Katherine.
Looks like Oprah didn't really mind spending all of that time with Kaling and Witherspoon, after all.
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