You Won't Believe How Many Celebrities Have Bum Tattoos

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
Scroll through your Instagram (or the finsta you use just to keep close tabs on your celebrity crushes) and you'll notice that there a lot of trendy places to get a tattoo right now: the back of the arm, the inner elbow, the wrist. But there's one sweet spot you don't usually see on social media that's actually prime real estate for the ink you've been dreaming of, and that would be the bum. The arse, the derrière, the gluteus maximus — whatever you want to call it, it might be time to consider putting a tattoo on it. Just look to those celebrity crushes of yours for proof.
Tattoos on one's backside aren't as easy (or legal) to show off as, say, something on your arm or leg, which is probably why we never knew so many of our favourite stars were hiding theirs under their jeans. But now that we know they exist, we're ready to call on these A-listers for a hit of inspiration should we also decide that a tat on our tail-end is the next permanent decision we want to make.
Ahead, Rihanna, Cardi B, and six others who are rocking the best celebrity bum tattoos you never knew you really needed to see...

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