Did You Catch This Secret Message In Gigi Hadid's Nail Art?

There’s a lot to love about the sisters Hadid. For starters, Gigi doesn't take shit when people try to body shame her, and Bella has been known to stick up for her sisters on the street. On the more superficial side of the spectrum, they're also constantly serving up some of our favourite beauty looks — including the manicure Gigi debuted today. It's the ultimate palette cleanser to this week’s cringe-worthy nail art inspired by Kylie’s baby, and we had no idea how much we needed it.
In a post to Bella’s Instagram Stories today, the model shared sister Gigi’s latest nail art, created by the models’ go to manicurist Mei Kawajiri. The design seems simple at first: each nail is painted a different hue and tagged with a variety of prices in Euros — just the digits with which to march into Milan fashion week, no?
But as Bella explains in her video, the seemingly random denominations actually represent something more meaningful. “G, this is so cute for Europe. They're all different euros with our birthdays on it,” she says, pointing out family birth dates including those belonging to the two sisters, brother Anwar, mother Yolanda, and father Mohamed.
This isn’t the first time that Kawajiri has created bespoke looks for Gigi. To celebrate her partnership with Maybelline, the manicurist (whose innovative work you’ve also seen on Claws) created a nail look that spelled out the makeup giant's brand name in metallic silver, white, and negative space. She also created a very on-brand Tommy x Gigi design in red and white with typographical touches for the collection’s print campaign.
With a track record like this, each stroke of varnish is sure to bring manicure magic when Kawajiri and Bella get together. But if you ask us, their latest iteration — which prompted Bella to squeal, “Cuuuute” in her clip — is one of Gigi's most heartfelt statements yet. Sure, it’s no sibling birthday tribute tattoo like Presley Gerber got for sister Kaia. Still, for a girl who is on the road 24/7/365, we can’t think of a more money (and yet, affordable) way to carry your family with you.
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