Even Celebs Get Unsolicited Acne Advice — Here's How They Handle It

Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images.
If you've ever meticulously applied concealer over a breakout only to show up to a party and have someone say, "Hey, have you tried Accutane yet?" then you know the special joy of unsolicited acne advice. While typically well-intentioned, all it does is point a big, confidence-shattering arrow at the area you secretly were hoping no one would notice. And, not only that, but the point is typically moot anyway. Everyone deals with acne differently, and personal skin-care solutions are just that: personal.
But it’s not just us regular, average, non-famous people who deal with backhanded acne advice. In fact, plenty of celebrities deal with acne-shaming, too — only for them, it's on a massive scale thanks to open forums like Instagram and Twitter. Lorde recently spoke out against the uninvited comments, and she's not the only one. Ahead, a roadmap of what not to say to someone with acne — or the response to use next time someone tries to pass you their dermatologist's card over dinner.

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