Betty Cooper's Favourite Foods Say A Lot About Her Character

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There seems to be a lot we don't quite understand about Betty Cooper. On the outside, with her perky, blonde ponytail, good grades, and cute clothes, she seems so normal. But, as any avid Riverdale viewer will know, this girl is complicated. We've seen plenty of evidence of this, from the crescent moon-shaped scars on her palms to her becoming a web cam girl in order to bond with her long-lost brother. However, it was a recent revelation about Betty's pancake preferences that really showed how hard this character is to figure out.
On this week's episode of Riverdale, "The Tell-Tell Heart," Betty Cooper did something that left us quite confused. No, it wasn't her and her mom, Alice, leaving that body in an abandon sewer pipe in the woods. It was Betty shrugging off her lovely mother's offer of morning-after-murder chocolate chip pancakes. Surely you remember the scene: The day after helping her mother clean up a dead body, Betty walks downstairs to find that Alice has prepared a beautiful breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. Her brother, Chic, is enjoying the spread, but Betty simply gives the table a once over and utters the words, "I don't like chocolate chip pancakes." If that's not someone who's hard to crack, we don't know who is.
Obviously, we were shocked by this comment. Was Betty just trying to get back at her mum for making her clean up a dead body by turning her nose up at the meal? Apparently not. Lili Reinhart, the actress that portrays Betty Cooper on Riverdale, tweeted about the moment and confirmed Betty's pancake preference. She wrote, "Yes — Betty doesn’t like chocolate chip pancakes... she’s more of a buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and blueberries on top kind of girl. Prob whipped cream too."
For all the chocolate lovers out there, the idea that anyone wouldn't like chocolate chip pancakes is just a little difficult for us to wrap our heads around. The treat is basically a socially acceptable way to eat dessert for breakfast, so it seems hard to turn down. But, that's just Betty; She's complex.
While we may have a hard time understanding Betty and her distaste for chocolate-flecked flapjacks, at least we can agree with her opinion on cookies. How do we know what kind of cookies this fictional character likes? Unsurprisingly, Lili Reinhart's tweet about her character preferring pancakes with fruit got a lot of attention from Riverdale fans, and it even prompted some to tweet back with more food-related questions about Betty. As someone who genuinely enjoys snacking herself, Reinhart responded. When asked about her character's favourite kind of cookie, Reinhart said it's peanut butter. Thank you Lili Reinhart for showing us a side of Betty we really get.

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