Kim Kardashian Reveals The One Fragrance She'll Never Wear Again

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Listening to Kim Kardashian West talk about beauty is not completely unlike watching the 5-year-old geography expert who frequents the Ellen Degeneres Show name the capital of New Jersey based solely on its shape. Like little Nate, she answers all questions with pure excitement and an unmatched know-how — like she's already discussed the topic at length a million times before. (Which, let's be real, she probably has.)
In fact, when it comes to hair, makeup, and skin, Kim has imparted her wisdom like a true pro by way of YouTube tutorials, her family's E! reality TV show, Snapchat, the Kimoji app, and countless interviews. Rarely, though, has she explained the deeper meaning that fragrance holds for her... until now.
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We had a chance to hop on the phone with the star to ask her about her three Kimoji Hearts fragrances — the bottles of which she tells Refinery29 were based on the ones you might've seen on her Kimoji app, only those phrases were "probably more raunchy than these" — and discovered that nearly all scents in her life hold a special meaning or purpose.
By far the strongest emotional reaction she's had to any particular scent was with Thierry Mugler's fan-favourite fragrance, Angel: "My dad used to buy it for me all the time — I was so obsessed with it," Kim says. "My dad's thing was that he always bought me fragrance, everywhere he went. When he'd travel, he'd come back with fragrance and I collected them in high school. So it really does evoke a memory. With Angel, he started to buy it for all of his girlfriends, too, and they would be really annoying, so I wouldn’t like it anymore. There were maybe two or three [girlfriends]. I got so sick of it because it turned into all their fragrances instead of my fragrance. I was like, Okay I’m done. I can't wear that anymore."
Luckily, she has since rebounded on the fragrance front — making sure the scents she wears only evoke happy feelings. "Before you go on a date, you have to brush your teeth and spray on fragrance," she says. "You just have to find something that makes you feel good that isn't too strong. My sexy scent is my Crystal Gardenia, because it's rich in florals but still light." As for Kanye? "He wears this Saint Laurent [L'Homme] cologne that I love," she says.
But the Kimoji Hearts trio of fragrances aren't meant to be sexy so much as adorable. Named BFF, Bae, and Ride or Die, they're as sweet as the sugary candy the design is inspired by and destined for plenty of — we hope — controversy-free Valentine's Day-themed Instagrams.

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