You Will 100% Relate To These Tweets About Going Back To Work

Illustration: Paola Delucca
If you're sitting at your desk having crawled out of bed and made it to the office, well done you. You've made it over the toughest hurdle you'll likely face today, the first day back at work after Christmas and New Year for most of the population.
You may have hundreds of unread emails and a sad packed lunch waiting for you (because a diet that's 95% cheese and chocolate is sadly unsustainable and #NewYearNewMe, etc etc), but at least it's a four-day week and you can find solace in the fact that everyone is in the same undesirable boat.
In characteristic fashion, the Twittersphere was full of people feeling ways about having to tear themselves away from their bed, get changed out of the PJs they've been wearing for the last week and face the harsh reality of going #BackToWork. Rarely have GIFs of sad-looking dogs been so relatable.
The struggle of having to be a functioning adult who makes civilised workplace chit chat is so very real.
(You've probably had the obligatory "Nice Christmas?" chat with colleagues about 10 times already...)
Cartoonist @TwistedDoodles shared an accurate timeline of the events of the last week, highlighting that, despite the fact that many of us will be tightening our belts this month, we'll also be booking holidays to give ourselves something to look forward to this year.
The Action For Happiness campaign had some easy ideas to boost our moods every day this month, including today's suggestion to "look for the good in others and notice their strengths".
So, if your barista pours you a mean cup of much-needed coffee today, why not let them know? (And then book yourself that flight to sunny Porto.)
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