Gym's Calorie-Shaming Tweet Does Not Go Down Well

The Christmas period is a time intrinsically linked with lots and lots of food. For most of us, this is fine – we overindulge and feel a bit rubbish. For those with disordered eating, however, things can be a little bit more complicated.
That's why tweets like the Boxing Day one from Pure Gym are far less than ideal.
The now deleted tweet (which we haven't shown here) reads: "Feeling a bit stuffed after pigging out on Christmas Dinner? See what the damage is with our calorie counter." The image accompanying the tweet showed a brightly coloured illustration of a turkey surrounded by numbers denoting the calorie content of foods you were likely to have eaten during your Christmas dinner.
Unsurprisingly, people weren't exactly overjoyed to have their traditional celebratory meal reduced to the "damage" they had done to themselves.
The company, for its part, apologised.
"“Pure Gym believes in promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle and uses its social media channels to share tips and inspiration with its members and followers," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed. "The post in question was part of a series of lighthearted messages shared over the Christmas period."
"While not intentional, we agree that the language used was not appropriate or reflective of our company values. We have removed the post from our channels and apologise for any offence caused.”
It's unlikely that this is the last misguided tweet we will see on this topic as January approaches and wellness brands go into overdrive trying to get our attention. It's important to remember, however, that as all sorts of fad diets, detoxes and bizarre exercise routines are marketed your way, finding an exercise routine and eating habits that make you happy is just as important as making you feel healthy. Unless you're mentally happy, it's unlikely that you'll be able to find and sustain physical health, either.
Forget new year, new you. The "you" you've got right now, as long as you're happy and healthy, is A-OK.

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