You Can Now Buy A Cappuccino With Your Face On It

Some coffee shops are known for their "latte art": time after time, their baristas manage to decorate customers' coffee foam with cute designs such as hearts, ferns, and even swans.
But one London cafe has taken coffee decoration to the next level by introducing... wait for it... the "selfieccino." Simply WhatsApp a picture of yourself to the baristas at The Tea Terrace at House of Fraser on Oxford Street, and they'll print the image onto your cappuccino. At £5.75, the selfieccino isn't cheap, but it's destined to live on long after your last sip on your Instagram account.
"Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted," The Tea Terrace's owner Ehab Salem Shouly told Reuters. "It’s not enough any more to just deliver great food and great service - it's got to be Instagram worthy."
At the moment, The Tea Terrace at House of Fraser on Oxford Street is the only place in the UK (and Europe, apparently) where you can order a selfieccino. But The Tea Terrace says it's also planning to introduce the technology soon at its cafes in House of Fraser's London Victoria and Guildford branches. It's even hoping to trademark the term "selfieccino."
If you don't like the idea of slurping your own face, you could always have a picture of a pet, friend or loved one printed on your cappuccino. Or perhaps you could ask for a picture of your favourite actor or TV star - if someone presented me with an Alison Hammond-cinno, I'd be absolutely thrilled. Going forward, the possibilities are endless.
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