How To Turn 1 Box Of Pasta Into A Week's Worth Of Weeknight Dinners

Photo: Getty Images.
We get that not everyone enjoys cooking. And more importantly, not everyone feels comfortable in the kitchen. But if there's one thing even the most culinary-challenged can master, it's following the boiling instructions on the back of a package of pasta. And if you can master that, well then a world of easy dishes is your oyster. Pasta is our go-to comfort food meal in any and all situations (busy or not, at a restaurant or cooking at home). One box of the stuff is affordable, customisable, and can even generate enough leftovers for a week's worth of easily reheat-able meals.
In order to prove that one box of the shelf-stable stuff can stretch into five, separate, dishes, I did just that. Starting off Sunday with a pot of simple spaghetti and red sauce, I hit the kitchen floor running Monday through Friday whipping up five fast and delicious leftover twists. And it only took me a few extra grocery ingredients (full shopping list ahead) and well under an hour of prep and cook time (combined) for each. So scroll on to see how you too can easily turn Sunday's sauce into everything from a spaghetti grilled cheese to mini spaghetti soufflés and much more. Hey, you may even have enough leftovers from that one box to feed a roommate or two.

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