Daisy Ridley Offers A Refreshing Take On What It Means To Be A Role Model

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Daisy Ridley is known for kicking butt in a galaxy far, far away. Onscreen, her character Rey escaped a life of scavenging and harnessed The Force, battled Kylo Ren, and befriended BB-8 (the definition of #goals). She's funny, quick on her feet, and intensely sharp, making her one of the best fictional role models for children and adults alike.
The only possible downside? Fans have in turn, knowingly or not, placed the same expectations on Ridley IRL, and though the 25-year-old actress is amazing in her own right, she can't be expected to go full-on Rey 100% of the time. Yet, somehow, she finds a way to make it happen, though she doesn't exactly take all of the credit.
While attending the Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi premiere, Ridley told People that she wouldn't be who she is without the influence of her loved ones.
"Somebody told me that you’re the sum of the five people you spend most of your time with," she said. "The five people I spend most of my time with are awesome. I think it's quite a nice way to think about things."
Her perspective is refreshing, especially for people who might believe that the only way to achieve personal fulfilment and success is through individual work. While ultimately we're the ones making the decisions that most heavily impact our lives, The Huffington Post reports that studies have shown that surrounding ourselves with good influences can positively affect our health, and ultimately the way we interact with the world.
Ridley also shared her thoughts on people who admire her character, offering a cryptic, yet sweet sentiment.
"Have hope kids, it always may not be as it seems," she said. "I'd [also] say, 'Thank you very much.'"
While brief, Ridley's words are definitely meaningful. Stars like her often have to juggle their busy work schedules with public appearances, so to even think about how they can inspire others in the meantime is something special.

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