This Mean Girls Clip Being Cut Is A Great Crime

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Mean Girls is pretty much one of the top high school movies of all time, and most of us have watched it over and over (and over) again. It's pretty much impossible not to watch it if it pops up on any of our screens.
But there's one part of Mean Girls we hadn't seen and it confirms everything we knew about Regina George. It's also hilarious, so we're not sure why it was cut.
It opens with Damian unscrewing the screws on a high school cafeteria table, presumably for a prank.
We then see Cady sitting at the table, carefully placing delicious looking ice cream treats and food (this was not what we remember high school food looking like) in front of her. Oh, she wants it all to spill on Regina, making her look disgusting and feel embarrassed.
Alas, that's not what happens (of course), as Regina stops to kiss her boyfriend and poor Karen, the most bizarre plastic, catches a cold, horrible lap full of ice cream.
And then, Regina George points and laughs. A cut to Cady shows her looking embarrassed and awkward. She's obviously bummed that the food bomb hit poor Karen. Regina, the Honey Badger of the Plastics, finds it hilarious.
While we don't know at what point in the film this scene would have taken place, it's surprising it was cut for two reasons. One, it's hilarious to watch Cady and Damian's prank backfire, but more importantly it cements the characters and their motivations. Regina as the bad bish, Cady as the stealthy victim, and Karen as, well...Karen.
If this clip isn't enough, let us remind you the Mean Girls musical is coming.
"It lets you get in people’s heads and inside their emotional lives in a way that you can do with a tight close-up in movies, but it’s so much bigger and warmer," Tina Fey said of writing the script for the musical. "I think fans will hopefully find that this has the DNA of the movie and is true to the spirit of it, but is also opened up in a lot of ways."
See the deleted scene below.

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