This Is The Second Year With A December Supermoon — Here’s What It Means For You

Photographed by Megan Madden.
We are in for a stunning display this weekend, stargazers. When the moon waxes to fullness this Sunday, December 3, it will be at a point in its orbit where it is particularly close to Earth, causing it to appear larger and brighter than usual. It is known as a supermoon and, if your eyes were on the sky last year, you might recall that December 2016 saw this phenomenon coincide with its full moon, too.
Around that time, psychic Rose Smith told the Daily Mail that a supermoon could throw our holiday plans into complete peril, describing visions of relationships hitting the rocks and people fighting over high heels while shopping. Seeing as how last December's supermoon was the third one in a row and it occurred later in the month than this year's will, and thus closer to the holidays it would affect, Smith's predictions were quite specific. Her warnings of chaos might not apply to us this year, but that doesn't mean you should sleep on this weekend's lunar event.
Given the moon's perceived size and brilliance during a supermoon, it's believed to wield a greater amount of influence over us than a regular full moon would. Psychic medium Natalia Kuna writes that supermoons have a magnifying effect — experiences, sensations, and memories may feel more intense under these moonbeams. A supermoon's energy can prompt you to react strongly to news that you'd normally let roll off your back. If it feels like your emotions have been cranked up to 11, you might have the moon to thank.
Of course, the holiday season can have similarly jarring effects, regardless of what's going on in the sky. When this time of year coincides with such a powerful celestial event, the urge to duck and cover until springtime is all too real, but there are ways you can use the moon's influence to your advantage.
Sure, this supermoon's early arrival will kick off December on a high-intensity note, but, given the right mindset, it'll also be the kick in the pants you need to tackle your holiday plans with gusto. In the same way that this big and bright moon can make us feel a little, er, touchier than usual, it can also be a great motivator. If you're ready to hit the ground running, the supermoon will serve as the wind beneath your wings.
The key to making this lunar moment work for you is to go into it prepared for success. Make your shopping lists and start browsing options for flights now, before this Sunday rolls around, and you'll deftly avoid being a sitting duck to the moon's powerful beams.
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