Chrissy Teigen Enjoys Her Timeline As Much As You Do

America has a few favorite pastimes: watching baseball, eating apple pie, blaring "All I Want For Christmas Is You" the moment it gets chilly outside and, most importantly, following along with Chrissy Teigen's hilarious social media adventures.
Love it or hate it (honestly, how could you?), Teigen's commentary on all things politics, pop culture, and snacking are an essential part of daily life in the Twitter era, providing some much-needed levity to a hectic and often depressing news cycle. And I'm not the only one who thinks so: Teigen apparently does, too!
On Monday, the chef/model/soon-to-be mother of two posted a photo of herself looking totally amused by her phone as she sat next to hubby John Legend at a basketball game. She captioned it, "me laughing at my own feed." And because she understands your impulse to simultaneously laugh and roll your eyes, she added another photo that was just a close-up of Legend's face looking totally unimpressed.

me laughing at my own feed

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It could be because I've only had one cup of coffee today, or it could be because I stan so hard for Teigen, but this made me laugh for a solid three minutes. She's funny! She knows it! I love it!
Seriously, though: Teigen is a low-key comedian who deserves, at the very least, to host Saturday Night Live. There's honestly no risk here since no one could do much worse than Larry David earlier this fall (sorry not sorry). Just take a quick scroll through her Twitter account or follow her on Snapchat and you'll find a goldmine of timeless musings on everything from the quality of Gardetto's snacks to how to expertly handle nip-slips.
Here are a few of the reasons I love her so much:
She's painfully honest about literally everything.
She's a master at dishing out the burns and hiding all of the aloe.
She really seems to understand the current state of our political world.
Never change, Christine. Never change.

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