Victoria Beckham Shows Us How To Get Her Signature Look With Only Two Products

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Victoria Beckham's not a regular mum — she's a posh mum. The former Spice Girl fancies herself some fine wine and expensive skin care, but that's not to say she spends hours in front of the mirror powdering her nose each morning. She's a little busy raising four kids, designing both a ready-to-wear fashion line and a full-range makeup collection with Estée Lauder, and most recently, expanding her brand into activewear made for Sporty Spices with a sneaker collab with Reebok. How she finds the time for it all, we're not sure.
One thing we do know is that Beckham has learned how to make the most out of every minute, and that holds true for her own makeup routine. In her newest Beauty Series for Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder, she shows how she gets her London glamour-meets-edgy smokey-eye look using just two products — and in less than 60 seconds.
The video opens with Beckham sifting through her hanging rack full of sequinned holiday gowns (from her own collection, of course). She settles on an orange jewelled skirt ("goldfish," she calls it), and strolls into her perfectly-lit marble bathroom. Robe on and towel wrapped atop her head, she signs a cursive 'VB' across her mirror using a plum lipstick. So, admittedly, not at all relatable.
But then comes the makeup application. Beckham uses an eyeshadow brush to swipe her Estée Lauder sooty-grey eye foil across her upper lids and lower lash lines, focusing the metallic colour into the crease. For that smokier cat-eye effect, she pulls the shadow out and upward to create a slight wing. Product number two is the same Estée Lauder potted eye foil, but in a shimmery golden shade. Beckham uses her middle finger to pick up the shadow, then swatches it onto the back of her hand before dabbing it on the centre of her lids.
Paired with the dark charcoal shadow, the gold helps add some twinkle that's perfect for the season. "It's going to really open up the eyes and really, really make them sparkle," Beckham explains. "This also has a bit of a rock n' roll feel about it, which is what I like."
She finishes the video by pouting for a selfie and planting a kiss onto her mirror. The whole tutorial is Victoria Beckham chic, but surprisingly low-key. We gotta give it to her, she's perfectly curated.
Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Eye Foil in Burnt Anise, £28, available at Estée Lauder. Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Eye Foil in Blonde Gold, £28, available at Estée Lauder.
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