Did Wes Anderson Spoof Charlie Rose's Disturbing Behaviour In The Royal Tenenbaums?

The world of Wes Anderson is often a magical place filled with childhood adventures, pastel-coloured sets, and Edward Norton appearances. Films like Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel have been a welcome escape for me when I've needed a break from the bleak reality of the outside world, especially as more allegations of sexual harassment and assault are brought to light in the news. But it turns out Anderson, too, might be tied to these harrowing stories, though in a much different way.
According to Newsweek, Anderson may have called out Charlie Rose's history of sexual misconduct in The Royal Tenenbaums through the character Peter Bradley. For those who haven't seen it, or for anyone who simply needs a refresher, Bradley was a Rose-type news reporter who abused his power and influence by taking advantage of Margot Tenenbaum backstage at his show.
Margot, who was promoting her play at the time, barely responded when he put his hands on her chest. The film doesn't fully explain why she reacts the way she does or why she didn't tell her family and loved ones, but it's possible she feared retribution; a scenario that's all too real considering that a number of women who accused Rose of similar behaviour chose to share their stories anonymously to avoid retaliation.
Anderson's relationship with Rose dates back a long time, and the producer even guest hosted on Charlie Rose in 2002. The interesting thing about this timing is that The Royal Tenenbaums came out a year prior to his appearance. Did Rose realise that the Bradley character seemed to be based on him, and if so, why did he not only let Anderson host but also appear on his show in the years to come?

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