A Reminder That Sometimes Sex Is Great

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
What’s your favourite thing someone has said to you in bed?
And no, we don't mean dirty talk in this instance, as great as it is.
Sexual wellness company Dame Products is asking for your most positive sex experiences for the Pillowtalk Project, a campaign to celebrate how great sex can be, in light of the recent stories about how often women (and people of other genders) are stripped of their sexual agency.
The project was launched in conjunction with the release of Dame's latest sex toy, the Eva II, and asks people to share something that's been said to them in an intimate moment — something that made them feel good.
"There's certainly been a lot of disempowering news surrounding sex as of late, and we feel that in order to reclaim our sexual experiences — focusing on those moments that made us feel open and safe is a helpful way to begin to better understand ourselves and our bodies," Alex Fine, CEO of Dame Products, said in a statement shared with Refinery29. "We feel that it's important to highlight the positive, intimate moments that happen when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable."
Since the Pillowtalk Project launched this morning, people have already begun sending submissions of their favourite moments of, well, pillow talk.
"Afterwards, he said, 'I just didn't know it could be like this,'" one person wrote.
"'At this point, I don't think there's anything you could do to get rid of me,'" another wrote.
"I feel safe here," someone else shared.
"'Pillow talk', in particular, is a wonderful example of moments when humans feel particularly comfortable being vulnerable and sharing more intimate details that can ultimately lead to some pretty substantial growth — both personally and as couples," Fine said. "These pillowtalk moments are times when we cultivate our compassion for one another. We need to take a light and shine it on things that happen in the dark, show what positive intimacy looks like and, through doing so, grant others the permission they may be seeking to feel more comfortable tapping into these thoughts and sentiments more regularly."
To submit your own pillow talk, head to Dame's website.
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