Harry Styles New Music Video Has Everything We Love & More

The video for Harry Styles' song "Kiwi" was released today, and it's just about everything nice bundled into a single, 3-minutes video. It's as if Styles searched for "comforting, happy things" on the internet and smashed them into a ball. A music video cake pop. There are kids in sharp tailored suits. There are puppies. There are actual cupcakes.
The best part isn't even Harry Styles. The best part of this video is the narrative. The storyline maps a battle narrative atop an elementary school food fight. Think Dunkirk, but with cupcakes and kiddos. As the battle intensifies, the energy grows more frantic.
The most amazing (and disturbing) moment is when one of the children wails over his fallen comrade who's been bested by red velvet cake.
One child, clad in a white shirt, falls when he's hit by a massive red velvet cake. (Red velvet cake = blood. Get it?) His fellow soldier, who wears an orange sweater vest over a blue checkered shirt, cradles his friend in his lap, crying.
See, below.
There's also this swell bit of acting from Styles, who joins the fight in the latter half of the video.
That's none other than Harry Styles, former One Directioner and star of the iconoclastic war film Dunkirk!
This all resonates with Styles', well, style. The British rocker, since escaping the clutches of his boy band, has emerged as a playful, almost spritely, rock star. Despite the public's intense fascination with everything he does, Styles is still an enigma. And, as he explained to Rolling Stone, he prefers to be mysterious.
"With an artist like Prince," he said, "all you wanted to do was know more. And that mystery – it's why those people are so magical! Like, fuck, I don't know what Prince eats for breakfast. That's just what I like."
So, if you're confused by the "Kiwi" video, that's probably expected. Harry Styles is here both to befuddle us and to comfort us. Also, to make us laugh.
Watch the full video for "Kiwi," below.
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