Julianne Moore Will Play Feminist Gloria Steinem In New Biopic

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images.
Julianne Moore is set to play feminist icon Gloria Steinem in a new movie about her life as an activist.
The movie is called My Life On The Road and will be based on Steinem's bestselling memoir with the same title, reports Deadline in an exclusive.
The Oscar-winning actress will portray one of the world's most well-known feminists, as the film focuses on events in her life that helped shape her as she went from the reluctant spokesperson of the feminist movement to a symbol for equality.
The biopic is being directed by Julie Taymor, whose past movies include Frida and Across the Universe. Steinem herself has signed on to be one of the executive producers. It has not yet been announced when the movie will be released or who else will be co-starring.
In an interview with the New Yorker when her book came out in 2015, Steinem spoke about influential moments in her life pertaining to her upbringing, her love life, and about the women who have impacted her. In the profile, she mentions that her mother was a journalist who suffered a "mental break," which Steinem now believes was because her mother's "spirit had been broken" by unjust working conditions for women. She also spoke about how she went undercover in the Playboy mansion early in her career, which led to her battling criticism insinuating that her success was based on her looks.
We don't know if these stories will make it into the movie, but it's moments like these that can shape a person's perspective of the world. Gloria Steinem chose to dedicate her life to equality and women's rights, and based on the impact she's had throughout her career, we can only assume she has some amazing stories to tell.

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