Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard Drank Out Of A Bidet & Yeah, Don’t Do That

Here are two truths: Drinking water is essential for your health; drinking water from a toilet or bidet is gross and unsanitary. Finn Wolfhard learned that second fact the hard way.
The Stranger Things actor has seen some pretty gnarly stuff — human-eating Demogorgons, weird slime that connects the Updside Down to Hawkins, and the aftermath of a shadow monster invading his best friend's body, to name a few — but none of those things were nearly as terrifying as his latest Wikipedia discovery, which will likely haunt him for the rest of his days.
While adventuring in France, Wolfhard came across what appeared to be a water fountain attached to a toilet. Intrigued, he took a sip and shared the experience on Twitter, posing the questions, "Why is it in a toilet, and why does it taste weird?"
After learning that the fountain was called a "bidet," Wolfhard did a little digging and was not stoked about what he learned.
Yeah, so, Wolfhard definitely drank out of a fountain that's meant to clean your junk after a trip to the bathroom.
Bidets are incredibly popular in parts of Europe and Japan, with people often using them in place of toilet paper. If used properly, it's believed bidets are a more sanitary and efficient way of cleansing your skin post squat. Scientific American also reports that part of the sink's appeal lies within its environment benefits, as it cuts down on the enormous amount of trees and water used to create TP.
There are a surprising number of YouTube videos devoted to teaching people how to use a bidet, and, unfortunately for Wolfhard, none of them recommend that you should ever put your mouth near the nozzles.
But, Wolfhard's suffering turned out to be the source of joy for a lot of fans who simply couldn't believe what he'd done.

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