Ashley Judd Shares Tips To Shut Down Sexual Harassment

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Ashley Judd wants to teach you how to stand up to harassers.
In light of the seemingly endless onslaught of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Judd has teamed up with Teen Vogue to share an insightful video.
The Hollywood star sat down with the publication, armed with an arsenal of tools to combat some everyday sexual harassment scenarios.
“Inappropriate and unwelcome is probably my most favourite way of disrupting harassment as it’s happening,” she opens the video. Judd then gives viewers an example of what she means by reenacting an imagined (but very real) scenario in which she addresses street hecklers. “Inappropriate and unwelcome!she shouts, while turning to address the harassers.
In another scenario, Judd unleashes a more physical expression of “no.” She places her hand in front of her chest, with her palm facing the camera, looks sternly in the camera and firmly declares, “STOP.”
During a particularly moving segment, Judd also discussed how Weinstein “had a reputation. Let’s put it that way. He just really had a reputation,” she said. The award-winning star also gave delved into her personal account of Weinstein’s alleged assault while relating it back to her tips.
“I don’t know how I had the moxie to say no, no, And then he asked me if I’d watch him take a shower.”
Judd then launched into series of verbal responses to uncomfortable behaviour. The video is a chilling reminder to just how normalised sexual harassment is for a number of women and men.
Check out Judd’s tips below.
If you have experienced sexual violence of any kind, please visit Rape Crisis or call 0808 802 9999.
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