Netflix's Latest Project Sounds Like The Next Kill Bill

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Atomic Blonde is going to have some company. According to Deadline, the film's producer is part of a dream team working on Kate, a new female-led action flick that'll be one of 80 feature films that Netflix is planning for 2018.
Following the clear success of a certain female-led superhero film that came out this year, Kate will share more with the Kill Bill movies and La Femme Nikita than the more wholesome Wonder Woman. Without any actors attached to the movie yet, there's plenty of time to see how the crew — which includes alums from John Wick and the Hunger Games series — works with the story of a woman who has 24 hours to solve her own murder and a £19 million budget.
Cate Blanchett is one actor that the team is tossing around for the lead, but she's not attached to the project just yet. There's also no telling how violent and graphic the film will be, but if it's leaning towards Tarantino and not DC comics, audiences should prepare for blood and guts along with what's sure to be a slew of kick-ass action sequences.
Deadline adds that Kate may be the first of many new announcements from Netflix. While traditional studios have huge backlogs of properties that may or may not ever get made, the streaming service is new to the feature film game, so it's got plenty of resources for new projects.
The movie still needs a star and a director, however, if Netflix wants to meet its proposed production start date in April 2018. Snagging Cate Blanchett would certainly be a step in the right direction.

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