Lena Headey Shares Her Own Harvey Weinstein Horror Story: "I Got Into My Car & Cried"

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
The actress Lena Headey joined the ranks of Harvey Weinstein's growing list of accusers today. Headey recalled two unsettling experiences with Weinstein in a series of tweets.
Her first encounter was at the Venice Film Festival circa 2005, when Headey was promoting The Brothers Grimm. The Weinstein Company produced The Brothers Grimm, which was directed by Terry Gilliam.
"At one point Harvey asked me to take a walk down to the water," Headey recalled. "I walked down with him and he stopped and made some suggestive comment, a gesture, I just laughed it off. I was genuinely shocked." (Headey also notes in a parenthetical that she endured bullying at the hands of director Gilliam.)
The Game of Thrones actress described another incident, which occurred years later in Los Angeles. Weinstein asked her to breakfast, and the incident proceeded much like the tales from Weinstein's other accusers: He suggested they go to his hotel room to look at a script.
Headey wrote, "We walked to the lift and the energy shifted, my whole body went into high alert, the light was going up and I said to Harvey, I'm not interested in anything other than work."
After the rejection, Weinstein got "really angry"and escorted Headey out of the hotel, "grabbing" Headey's arm all the while. Allegedly, Weinstein told Headey not to tell anyone about their encounter. Headey wrote she then got into her car and cried.
For the past two weeks, tales of Weinstein's deviancy have spilled out of Hollywood, prompted by a bombshell exposé published in the New York Times. The New Yorker published similar investigation not a week later, which contained additional allegations against Weinstein. Following these the pieces, some of Hollywood's most powerful women have shared their experiences with the legendary film producer. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow spoke on the record about their encounters with Weinstein. The model Cara Delevingne sent her story to New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali. And it seems the list will only continue to grow.
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