This Shop Makes Harry Potter Doughnuts & They Taste Like Butterbeer

Photo: Photofest/Warner Bros. Pictures.
Never before have we wished so badly that we could apparate like a witch or wizard because if we could, that would mean Butterbeer Doughnuts from Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee would be at our fingertips, and we would feel more a part of Harry Potter’s world than we ever thought possible.
We first found out about Sugar Shack’s Harry Potter-themed doughnuts through TeenVogue, and based on all the photos of the treat that are circulating on Instagram, it’s more than just its Butterbeer-inspired butterscotch flavour that’s magical. Sugar Shack's new Butterbeer doughnuts are a sweet sight for Potterheads, with their glistening vanilla glaze. The doughnuts are also decorated with edible golden stars and gold sugar crystal sprinkles.
In the centre of the treat, which, of course, is usually left hollow, sits an edible golden snitch that looks like it flew straight off the Quidditch pitch and landed in Sugar Shack's kitchens. According to Spoon University, the snitch is made up of a golden-glazed doughnut hole and wings sculpted from white fondant.
The sweet treat is coming to Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee locations in the United States very soon as its doughnut of the month, and it's even already landed in select locations like the ones in Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C. Unfortunately for us Brits we will have to grab our nearest broom/hippogriff or thestral if we want to chase down this golden snitch-laden doughnut.
In a recent Facebook post, the east coast chain wrote, "Yes, we will have Butterbeer Donuts this month, but no we don't yet. In the meantime, bring your favourite HP novel for a free house donut today." Accompanying the post, Sugar Shack shared a photo of the treat that has us absolutely star-struck. If you're not on the east coast or near any of the 13 locations of the small doughnut chain, you better enlist Wilkie Twycross to give you some apparition lessons, otherwise, you may (sadly) be out of luck.
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