Gin Pong Is Here & Our Parties Will Never Be The Same

Go ahead and clear those red solo cups filled with cheap beer off the table because there’s a new drinking game in town. Thanks to Cosmo UK, we just found out that Gin Pong exists, and we’re low-key freaking out. Not only is it a new sophisticated take on a classic party game, the set used to play the game is so cute it can double as alluring party décor.
The new game set come with 12 plastic gin tumblers that are a sweet shade of green, which just so happens to match perfectly with a bottle of Tanqueray. Although the cups are plastic so they don't break if the game gets rowdy, these glasses, complete with golden rims, are still super classy.
The gin tumblers are also smaller than a solo cup since a sip of gin is quite a bit stronger than a sip of light beer. We're guessing this size difference will make Gin Pong just little more challenging, which is great for those of us who are ready to move on from the challenge of using wide-mouth champagne glasses after Prosecco pong went viral.
In addition to the 12 cups, the game set also comes with two green ping pong balls and two yellow ones. The different coloured pong balls will allow everyone to keep track of whose are whose, even if you're loosing miserably and are already a few cups in.
Gin Pong is available through, although right now the game is completely out of stock due to its immense popularity. However, according to Cosmo UK, the website is going to re-stock Gin Pong next Thursday 12th October. When they're on sale once again, simply click here to order your game set for £13.99. Then, start planning a party that has three separate tables, one for Gin Pong, one for Prosecco Pong, and one for good old fashioned beer pong.
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