The Sweet Reason This Boyfriend Wore His Girlfriend's Heels At The Doctor's Office

Photographed by Cecilie Harris.
In what some are calling an ultimate act of love, a man in China was caught wearing his girlfriend's pink high-heeled sandals at the hospital recently after giving up his own shoes so she could be more comfortable.
An onlooker, named only Xie in news reports, snapped photos of the couple and posted them on Weibo, a popular social media website in China.
According to Shanghaiist, the two were waiting in a hospital waiting room in Chongqing when the woman's feet got tired and so the man gave her his black sandals and put on her pink heels. When they were called to leave the waiting room, the woman offered to switch their shoes back so her boyfriend wouldn't have to walk into the doctor's office in her heels, but he refused.
Like the professional people-watcher she is, Xie has the photo receipts to prove that this guy did indeed march into that doctor's office still wearing heels.
Some people, according to a translation from Weibo, thought it was ridiculous that he would actually wear his girlfriend's shoes. Why not just give her his shoes and go barefoot, instead?
Clearly, this boyfriend is much more stable in his masculinity than those who say they would never be caught wearing a pair of high heels or those who think he should be applauded just because they were "women's" shoes. We're happy to praise him for being the kind of guy who saw his girlfriend in discomfort and did something about it, but praising him for being brave enough to wear girl's shoes relies on tired expectations of men and unnecessarily gendered clothing. Why, in that case, wouldn't we also praise his girlfriend for wearing men's shoes?
Instead, let's take note from Xie's friend, who also took photos of the couple, Shanghiist reports, so she could go home and "educate" her boyfriend.
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