Regina George’s Little Sister Shared The Cutest Throwback Photo For Mean Girls Day

In the 13 years since Mean Girls hit cinemas in 2004, we've been following the actors' careers. Some of them have even stayed in touch and had a few reunions of their own. But one person we haven't heard much from is Nicole Crimi, who played Regina George's belly-dancing little sister. That changed on 3rd October, AKA Mean Girls day, when she posted a behind-the-scenes throwback photo of herself with her film mum Amy Poehler.
"On October 3rd he asked me what day it was... 'It's October 3rd.' #nationalmeangirlsday," she captioned it. "P.S. You should check out her boob job, they're hard as rocks!!" She's a cool mum, remember?
Crimi told Buzzfeed she has some hilarious memories from the set. "I mostly remember playing games with anyone that had time and laughing because they put dog treats in Amy Poehler's shirt to get that dog to bite it in that one scene," she said. "Amy Poehler is just a really funny person and I loved hanging out with her!"
Unlike some of her co-stars, it looks like Crimi decided not to pursue acting, since the last role on her IMDB is from 2006. But she has accomplished a lot of other cool things. She's currently in her last year as a life sciences major at McMaster University in Canada, where she works as a researcher. Next, she's hoping to go to med school.
That's all in addition to her work as an artist, making beautiful pencil drawings and oil paintings of flowers, animals, and other subjects. She told Buzzfeed she wants to sell them one day.
She hasn't forgotten her Mean Girls days, though, and her latest throwback photo was not her first. She also posted one with Lindsay Lohan for last year's Mean Girls Day, because there are some memories you never get tired of reliving.

"On October 3rd he asked me what day it was." "It's October 3rd" Happy #nationalmeangirlsday ?

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