Vegans, This New McDonald's Burger Is For You

Photo: Courtesy of McDonalds
If you live a vegan lifestyle, it's pretty likely that McDonald's doesn't top your list of favourite fast food places. After all, it's the chain best known for its Big Mac, a burger which doesn't exactly work sans meat or dairy. However, before you totally write McDonald's off as being a place where a vegan can't get a decent sandwich, the company's recent endeavour might change your tune. According to Food & Wine, McDonald's has introduced a vegan burger, and it could be just the thing to get vegans to stay for lunch.
The burger is appropriately called the McVegan, and right now, it's only being served on a trial basis in Tampere, Finland from 4th October through 21st November. If you're in the UK hoping to get your hands on one of these new sandwiches, that's not amazing news, but it does mean that the company is making an effort to expand to a vegan demographic.
The burger is reportedly made with a soy patty and includes many of the toppings you'll find on a Big Mac, like lettuce and tomato. However, there's no cheese (not even of the cashew variety) on top of this burger.
McDonald's is hardly the first company attempting to widen its vegan options. Chipotle now offers the tofu-based Sofritas, an alternative to beef or chicken, for use in burritos, tacos, and bowls. Domino's has a specific vegan crust (the Gluten-Free crust contains honey) and Subway's Veggie Delite is also perfect for vegans.
McDonald's may have a long way to go before it's as vegan-friendly as some other food outlets, but least they're trying?

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