Bella Thorne & Her Sister Just Got The Best Matching Tattoos

When we were little kids, nothing demonstrated loyalty better than a friendship necklace from the mall. How else were you supposed to identify your (newest) BFF than a necklace marked 'BE FRI' or 'ST END'? Flash forward to 2017 and there are brand new ways to show the world who you hang with, from moto jackets to subtle jewels, but nothing shows commitment quite like fresh ink.
It's a celeb favorite (think: Maisie and Sophie , Paris and Macauly) so it doesn’t entirely shock us that Bella Thorne took to the trend. Yesterday, the actress/singer got matching tattoos with her big sister Dani Thorne — and we have to admit, it’s really freaking cute.
Photo: Bella Thorne / Instagram.
Photo: Bella Thorne / Instagram.
In a series of Instagram story posts, Bella and Dani paid a visit to L.A. tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who has also done work for Miley Cyrus and Janel Parrish. A few hours later, the two left with matching tattoos on the inside of their feet reading, “If lost, find twin.” Best twin tat ever? Definitely.
Photo: Bella Thorne / Instagram.
But it wasn’t the only tattoo that Bella got while she was at the shop. Bella posted a few more videos of Winter tattooing some mystery ink onto the backside of her right arm. Knowing Bella’s spontaneous personality, it’s not too surprising to see her go under the needle multiple times in one day. Unfortunately, Bella hasn’t shared a final pic of the ink — yet.
Welcome to the BFF tat club, Bella and Dani. This new tat warrants a celebratory party — and at least at this party they won’t lose each other (or at least this time they’ll be returned to each other successfully).
Correction: This story originally identified Bella & Dani as twins. Dani is the older sister.
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