13 Bisexual People Share Their Coming Out Stories

Bisexual Awareness Week started on Sunday and, as part of the celebrations, the Trevor Project hosted a #bichat on Twitter to allow the bisexual+ community the space to talk with each other about stigma, mental health, myths, and other things they deal with every day because of their sexuality.
As part of the chat, the Trevor Project asked, "What was coming out as bisexual like for you?" And, like coming out as any other sexuality or gender identity, the answers were incredibly varied.
For some, coming out was no big deal. And a few even did it in fun and lighthearted ways, like using art as a medium:
For others, it was much more serious and sometimes painful:
Some people took a long time to even come out to themselves:
And others acknowledged that coming out is definitely not a one-time thing, and that they'll have to keep coming out for the rest of their lives:
While some of the coming out experiences people shared were silly, a general theme running through the stories is the need for bisexual people to constantly combat stigma about their sexuality — which comes both from straight people and from people who identify as gay and lesbian.
Having to argue against the idea that bisexuality doesn't really exist, that bisexual people need to just choose a side, and that being bisexual is really just an excuse to be promiscuous isn't just a part of these people's coming out stories. It's something they constantly face in one way or another. Which is why a separate pride/awareness week for bisexual people is so important — and why we need to listen to their stories.
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