Get Ready To Feel Nostalgic For Your Favourite Bratz Doll

For a certain portion of us, owning a Bratz doll during adolescence dubbed you the coolest kid in school. The big-headed, plastic figures were the sassy sisters to the Barbie, showing up in toy stores in the early 2000s, causing hysteria for children, and scaring parents everywhere. The opposite of the straight-laced Mattel classic, the Bratz had attitude, liquid liner better than your real cat-eye, and glossy lips that seemed to break every rule. Now, the famous band of girls are back — but not how you think.
If you're a fan, you'll likely remember two years ago when the Bratz dolls made a comeback onto the toy scene with a rebranded girl squad (Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha), along with the addition of Raya as the fifth member. But since then, the popularity has yet to make an official renaissance — well, until now. People (many of whom didn't get behind the dolls' unofficial make-under) are using the characters as inspiration for their makeup looks — and the looks are so extra. (In the best way possible.)
The first Bratz fan to gain notoriety for her take: Natalie Martinez. She posted her Chloe-inspired makeup on Twitter earlier last week captioning the finished look: "When you're finally the Bratz doll your 7 year old self always aspired to be." So why did she pick the doll as her latest beauty inspo? "When I was younger I always wanted to be a Bratz doll — I had all of them and the movies,” Martinez tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I always thought Bratz were cooler than Barbie in terms of fashion and makeup; they honestly had a ‘passion for fashion,’ and a lot of girls get inspired by them today still.”
Her spark of 2000s inspo seemed to have started a trend across the social media platform — convincing other Bratz fans to recreate their dolls' best looks.
Sure, Bratz dolls had the most unrealistically-sized heads of our generation, but damn, could they master a cut-crease eye like no other.
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