This Woman Got The Worst Surprise In Her Kylie Birthday Lip Kit

A hot, if not exactly financially sound, tip for when your "responsible" adult life starts to feel devoid of childlike mirth: Just order something fun off the internet. The joy of getting home from work to find a long-awaited package of beauty products sitting on your doorstep is about as close as a grown-up can get to recreating the feeling of Christmas morning, except instead of Santa and his reindeer you have the UPS guy and a big brown truck. Unfortunately for one person, that joy turned quickly to terror when she opened a recent shipment from Kylie Cosmetics only to find... bugs. Many bugs.
After discovering curious food particles and countless ants crawling inside the box, Em Venditte says that she emailed the company with a video of the insect activity as evidence (which you can watch/cringe at, below). She claims that customer service responded to say she'd receive a new, ostensibly bug-free shipment of the products she'd ordered within 7-10 days, only for 20 days to pass without any sort of response or update, despite her following up.

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That's when Venditte took to Reddit to publicly share the details of her disturbing experience — not to attract negative attention to the brand, necessarily, but in a last-ditch attempt to get a response from the customer service team. "My third time reaching out is now through social media trying to get the attention of the company and share my story with reluctant customers," she wrote on the popular /r/MakeupAddiction forum.
Venditte's post apparently prompted a reaction from the company, which contacted her to apologize for the whole ants incident as well as the lack of customer service. The email, a screenshot of which she posted in the now-viral thread, also emphasized that the matter was being investigated by the Quality Assurance team. (We've reached out to Kylie Cosmetics for comment, and will update this post when we hear back.)
As shocking as this particular situation may be (that video!), it's important to remember that your package passes through many hands between the warehouse it's shipped out of and your house. These things happen, and the company itself usually isn't to blame. That said, perhaps the customer-service team could have been a bit less cryptic when saying that Venditte's new order would come with a special "gift." At this point, she's probably had enough surprises for a while.
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