This Spice Girl Is Defending Herself Against Drug Accusations

Photo: Phillip Farone/Getty Images.
Mel B, aka Melanie Brown, known to fans everywhere as Scary Spice, is speaking out against her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, after he accused her of alleged drug and alcohol abuse.
Entertainment Tonight reports that on September 1, Belafonte filed court papers requesting stepparent visitation. However, ET found that the official documents claim Mel B has an alleged addiction problem.
Making things more complicated is Belafonte's relationship with his 10-year-old stepdaughter, Angel. Her biological father is Eddie Murphy, though Belafonte alleges that she has only ever met him twice. He claims that she has called him "daddy" since she could speak and adds that it wasn't until he and Brown started the separation process that she even found out that he wasn't her biological father.
"The biggest reason for my concern with respect to the safety of the children was due to Petitioner's habitual and consistent addiction to and abuse of cocaine and alcohol," Belafonte said in court papers obtained by ET.
Brown isn't standing for those accusations, however. Though she has remained silent on the issue of her separation from Belafonte back in March, she told ET that his claims couldn't go unanswered.
"I have remained silent these past six months for the sake of my children," Brown said in a statement. "I refuse to be a victim any longer and trust the legal process to show the truth."
A month after their separation, the courts granted Brown a temporary restraining order after allegations of domestic violence and blackmail.
"When I threatened to leave, [he] informed me he has videos of our sex life and other private moments. [He] would threaten that if I left, he would release the videos to the tabloids," she said at the time. "I have lived the past decade in fear that [he] would release intimate videos of me that would embarrass me and damage my reputation and my career."
Belafonte denies all of Brown's allegations. A court date has not been set.
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