This Guy Fed His Girlfriend During Her Manicure — & Twitter Can't Handle It

Manicures are always really great in concept: an hour-long treatment where you can relax at your favourite salon, get some trendy nail art, and let all your worries float away. But it never really goes that way. How are you supposed to browse your Instagram feed or drink the complimentary bubbly when your nails are wet? It turns out, one boyfriend understands the struggle, which is why he helped his girlfriend Aubrey out — stealing the internet's hearts in the process.
As Buzzfeed News reports, Aubrey was spotted by Lea Adame, who was busy getting her own manicure when she took to Twitter to share what she described as “the kind of love and support [she] needs.” Adame spotted a man patiently feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she was getting her nails done, snapping a picture of the couple.
Adame told Buzzfeed News that following her manicure, she asked the receptionist about the pair. As it turns out, Aubrey's manicurist was her boyfriend’s mum, and this was their first time meeting each other. Twitter seemed to love the modern-day romance story: Adame's tweet quickly went viral — amassing 80,000 likes and 29,000 retweets to date. “I need a man like this,” one Twitter user responded. Another tagged his partner and wrote, “When u need my support let me know. I will bring fries, fried chicken and a gallon of coke too.”
Even Aubrey, or “Yipnotiq” as she’s known on Twitter and Instagram, saw the tweet and responded, “We are so thankful and blessed that you captured this candid moment for us.”
Let this be a reminder that the next time you’re getting a manicure, it is possible to get the royal treatment. Just make sure you remind your S.O. to bring the bucket of chicken nuggets.
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