Twitter To Taylor Swift: Britney Spears Had The Best Snake Moment Of All Time

Photo: Kevin Kane/WireImage
Taylor Swift's snake may have a reputation, but Twitter wants to make sure that no one forgets the snake that came before it: Banana, a.k.a. the snake Britney Spears wore around her neck for her iconic 2001 VMAs performance.
This week, Swift has been using cryptic (and seriously creepy) videos of snakes to promote her upcoming album, which, thanks to a Twitter posting by the "Blank Space" songstress, we now know will be called Reputation. You can read a brief history of Swift and snakes here, but in the ssssssssimplest terms, it seems that the pop star is reclaiming the term thrown her way by fans who sided with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West during their feud over Swift allegedly lying about not approving the lyrics to West's "Famous."
As for Spears? Well, the snake was just kind of a thing — one that inadvertently made history.
Here's Swift's CGI snake.
Pretty cool, right? Well, sure, but she's no Banana.
"The only snake I care about," wrote one Twitter user over a pic of Spears at the VMAs.
"This @taylorswift13 snake thing is giving me @britneyspears vibes," wrote another.
"Sorry but I do not vote for the snake thing it reminds me of [something] Britney Spears [has] already done," another added.
One person got right to the point:
"The only snake i recognize and respect is Banana from the Britney Spears performance at the VMAs."
"RT IF THIS IS THE ONLY SNAKE YOU CARE ABOUT," implored another Spears fan.
Of course, some people are just over the whole thing:
"Kids calling for a dance battle between Britney Spears & Taylor Swift so I've canceled Wednesday. Everyone back to bed. Try again tomorrow."
Okay, but let's be real: There are enough out-of-work snakes in this world for both Spears and Swift have their fun.

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