Another "Undateable" Man Shows His True Colours

Earlier this summer Twitter clapped back hard on a man named Billy who signed himself up for Time Out New York's Undateables section and then proved exactly why he's undateable (hint: he's kind of a jerk.)
Just a few short months later, the Undateables section has blessed us again, with another story of a man, Sam, who seems to have no clue why women aren't interested in a relationship with him β€” though Twitter very quickly pointed the reason out.
You see, according to his Undateables Q+A (the answers to which he submitted himself, it's important to note) Sam can't find a relationship because he's "too funny and interesting for most people, and that can come off as threatening."
Ok, Sam, sure, let's go with that.
People on Twitter aren't having it with this guy's humblebrag, and aren't shy to say it.
It's not just his answer to the "why I'm single" question that's, well, questionable. He also claims that it's a deal breaker for him that Katie, the woman he went out with, doesn't like the movie Cry Baby. We understand that deal breakers exist and some of them are totally legitimate, but is it really necessary to base your entire relationship with a person on a single movie?
Sam then went on to shame Katie for ordering a whiskey after their meal, instead of a dessert. "Maybe that's her version of dessert," he said.
There are also some fun nuggets on Katie's side of the interview. "At one point, he asked me the name of my improv group and then said it was a bad name," she said of their chemistry.
He also stuck her with leaving the tip. β€œHe looked at his watch and was like, β€˜I have to go.’ I said I was going to leave a tip, and he just walked away and left," she said. But Sam was still waiting for her when she left the restaurant, so it doesn't seem that he needed to go that urgently.
We're not sure exactly what this says about the state of dating in 2017, or about the men who live in New York. Maybe nothing. But one thing is pretty clear β€” both Billy and Sam need to take a harder look at why they're really struggling to find love.

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