This Conversation Between Cersei & Robert In Season One Predicted All Of Season 7 Of GOT

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
When Jon Snow finally came face to face with Daenerys Targaryen in this week's episode of Game Of Thrones, the King of the North refused to bend the knee. In order to demonstrate her power and prove she deserved the Iron Throne as well as Snow's loyalty, Dany treated him to a lengthy speech about all that she has been through and accomplished. She told him, "The Dothraki hadn't crossed the sea, any sea. They did for me."
After "The Queen's Revenge" aired on Sunday, a Reddit user pointed out that a conversation between Cersei and Robert Baratheon that took place way back in season one predicted everything that has happened and may happen as a result of Daenerys persuading the Dothraki to cross the sea.
The Redditor who posted this conversation to the /r/gameofthrones subreddit explained it sprung to mind immediately after realising what was left of Daenerys' army. Interestingly, when Robert said, "If the Targaryen girl convinces her horselord husband to invade and the Dothraki horde crosses the Narrow Sea... we won't be able to stop them," he was speaking of the very same same power Dany was attempting to demonstrate to Jon in this week's episode. Now that Daenerys' army has been attacked by Euron's fleet and stranded at Casterly Rock, she may be forced to take on Cersei with help from the Dothraki.
The most chillingly accurate words from the now-dead king come at the very end of the conversation. The words "One. One army, a real army, united behind one leader with one purpose. Our purpose died with the Mad King," foreshadow Cersei's own demise that has begun to unfold. The Mother of Dragons' army may have dwindled, but as Mashable points out, she still has a purpose. Robert called it, Cersei's purpose is dead and because of that she could be destined to be defeated by Daenerys, even if all that Dany has left is the Dothraki.
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