Daenerys Told Jon Snow She's The Last Targaryen & The Internet Agrees The Joke's On Her

Game of Thrones left fans in suspense after "Stormborn," when it revealed that Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow would finally meet face-to-face at her throne in Dragonstone. While both characters contemplated how they could leverage the highly anticipated meeting for their benefit — Dany wanted a powerful new follower and ally, and Jon wanted to mine the area for dragonglass so he could use it take out the White Walkers — fans couldn't stop wondering if they would figure out they're related. Spoiler alert: They didn't.
In case you forgot, Bran had a flashback in the Season 6 finale that proved Jon isn't actually Ned Stark's bastard son. Instead, he's the son of Lyanna Stark (Ned's sister) and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (the son of King Aerys and brother of Daenerys), which makes him Dany's nephew. Talk about a badass bloodline.
Though diehard fans may have picked up on the "who's the mommy" clues scattered throughout the first six seasons, not everyone (myself included) was so keen. Hell, not even the books officially unveiled the mystery.
Had Daenerys known of her nephew's existence, it might have changed the way she greeted Jon in the latest episode, "The Queen's Justice." Instead of a warm family reunion, Dany was cold and transfixed on the fact that Jon wouldn't bend his knee and pledge his unconditional loyalty to her, the last living Targaryen and rightful heir of the Iron Throne. Little did she know she was staring another very-much-alive Targaryen right in the eyes. We can't really blame her either. Not only does he not have a head covered in icy locks, but he also doesn't share her same enthusiasm for fire-breathing winged beasts.
Of course, the irony wasn't lost on the audience, who had a field day on Twitter.

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