Did You Notice The Hidden Meaning Of Sansa's Necklace On GOT?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Sansa Starks’ jewellery has always garnered a lot of interest from fans of Game of Thrones, and her necklaces in particular. We can't help but keep an eye on what's hanging around her neck, especially after a gem from one of her necklaces was used to kill Joffrey in the second episode of season four. So, it's no surprise that after spotting what necklace Sansa was sporting in this week's episode"Stormborn," people have started speculating about its meaning.
The necklace Sansa was wearing in this season's second episode features a large silver circle, through which a long chain is threaded and hangs down below her waist. BuzzFeed pointed out that this necklace looks extremely similar to one the character wore in season four as she set out out with Littlefinger.
According to Reddit theorists, back then, the necklace was believed to symbolise that Sansa had broken out of her chains and become her true, independent self. Game of Thrones' costume designer Michele Clapton also told BuzzFeed that because the necklace had a long spike at the end, it was "Sansa’s smaller version of Needle," which, of course, is Arya's beloved and reliable sword. Another Redditor pointed out that in season four, the ring at the top of the necklace had a large bar through it, making it resemble the Greek letter "theta." As the commenter pointed out, in the Greek alphabet, theta was considered the symbol of death. This season, Sansa's necklace has no bar, and instead only features a circle.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
So what is the significance of this necklace showing up again? Since Littlefinger confessed his love for Sansa to Jon Snow in this week's episode, and since Sansa eyed him right after her brother's speech about leaving Winterfell, the necklace could mean that she will once again form some kind of alliance (romantic or otherwise) with Petyr Baelish. Or, perhaps because of this necklace's connections to death, it could mean that Sansa may soon be driven to kill Littlefinger while she's holding down the fort in Winterfell. Knowing Game of Thrones, it could go either way. Or, it could very well go in a direction we never saw coming.
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