The Most Pedicure-Worthy At-Home Foot Treatments

We're the first to admit that, while we dedicate regular time to our nails, in part thanks to the inspiration served up by WAH and Imarni Nails, our feet get a lot less attention. A lick of lacquer on your toenails is manageable, even when time is tight, but pampering your feet seems like a whole evening's work. The wonderful ladies who polish our toes in the salon perform various steps to give us a holiday-worthy pedicure, so where do you even begin with an at-home treatment?
"I would recommend using an oil-based sugar scrub on your feet before showering. The sugar granules will remove dead skin and the oils will leave your feet moisturised," Bee Sidhu, training manager at Mayfair's Nails & Brows tells me. "If you have more time then I would say use a foot file on dry skin – this makes the softness last – to remove hard skin. Trim the toenails square to prevent ingrown nails. Follow this by using an oil-based scrub and, after rinsing, a light lotion. Finish off with cuticle oil to keep toenails hydrated and cotton socks to retain moisture."
Ahead we've rounded up our favourite products to scrub, file and hydrate your tootsies. Sandals? We're ready for you.

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