Girls Are Clapping Back At The Site That Called Nike Shorts & A T-Shirt "The Ugliest Outfit Ever"

"I love it when guys give me unsolicited feedback about my outfit!" said no woman ever. Nevertheless, the website Total Frat Move published an entire article titled "Norts Under An Oversized T-Shirt Is The Ugliest Outfit A Girl Can Wear."
Look, we get that slow news days happen, but is this seriously the best thing they could come up with?
It'll undoubtedly come as a major disappointment to the dudes at Total Frat Move that, shockingly enough, girls and women are really not here for the idea of guys telling us our comfy attire is so ugly. And (*gasp*) we're not going to suddenly throw out all our Nike shorts just because the folks at Total Frat Move find them abhorrent.
The popular Twitter account Common White Girl shared the article, accompanied with the caption "I've never cared less in my entire life" and it immediately resonated.
Now, girls everywhere are clapping back at Total Frat Move's sexist, unnecessary article.
It's not just the guys at Total Frat Move who feel the need to deliver unsolicited feedback about this casual summer look. When a woman criticised Madison Herber's attire at a gas station in Texas, the college student stood up for herself.
On a balmy 41 degree day, the woman approached Herber and told her to cover up her "very trashy" look. “I couldn’t believe it,” the 19-year-old college student told Yahoo Style. “I was in total shock this person went out of their way to attack and condemn me for no reason at all.”
“She told me my generation was the worst generation, that she didn’t think we had any values or morals,” Herber continued. Meanwhile, no one in the vicinity stepped up to defend her from the verbal attack. “There was a guy in his pickup truck that ignored the whole situation and went about his business,” she recalled.
Herber took the high road and didn't retaliate against the woman, but she later clapped back with this must-read Facebook post.
"I do not apologise for my generation but I'm sorry that I didn't grow up in a time where we wore skirts down to our ankles. Times have changed, understand that. I'm not looking for sympathy, I am just completely at awe that an older lady (50-60), would call me out in front of other people and make me look like a fool," Herber wrote. "I do not apologise for what I am wearing, it's hot outside and I was looking for comfort. That is all."
She added a sassy P.S. to the outfit-shamer: "I saw the Yankee sticker on the back of your car, so you obviously have problems of your own."
Girls and women have spoken, and we don't care if you hate our shorts and t-shirts. We'd apologise to the folks at Total Frat Move and the woman who verbally attacked Herber but, well, we're not sorry at all for dressing exactly how we please.

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