Fake Jay-Z Lyrics That Shade Kim Kardashian Are Circulating Twitter

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If you obsessed over Beyoncé's Lemonade — and the fact that it maybe spilled the tea on husband Jay-Z's extra-marital affair with "Becky with the good hair" — than you're probably just as excited to analyse every lyric on Jay-Z's brand-new album 4:44 which many believe is a direct response to Bey's Grammy-nominated album. However, when you do analyse those lyrics, make sure they're legit — because not every line attributed to the rapper is actually on that new album. One that's not a thing? A line circulating Twitter that seemingly shades pal Kanye West's wife Kim Kardashian.
Well, technically, it shades the whole Kardashian clan. The line, which has been shared on Twitter, supposedly reads as such:
"And I was never a fan/My wife a queen, not a Kardashian."
Fans began tweeting about the line like crazy, despite not listing the song it's from, or any other context for the lyric.
So where did this fake line come from? The person currently taking credit for it is Twitter user @Voxmaus, who, apparently, loves to stir the pot. He's the first person to tweet about the line, and currently has over a thousand retweets.
This fake line probably would have been debunked immediately had there not been so many rumours about conflict between Beyoncé and Kardashian. So far, we've never seen anything but love between the two stars — they've both shared sweet messages to one another on social media — but that doesn't mean that tabloids don't live for pitting the ladies against one another.
While there was some drama between Jay-Z and West — West railed against the couple at a concert shortly before going into the hospital for exhaustion — the two couples have since been spotted hanging out, proving it's all water under the bridge.
There's zero real Kardashian shade on Jay-Z's new album, so please — can we let this fake feud die?

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