Here's What Steve Carell Thinks About The Internet's Reaction To His Gray Hair

Photo: Barry King/Getty Images.
In this week's unexpected news, Steve Carell is... a total fox? A silver fox, actually. The last time we saw the Despicable Me 3 actor, he had only a salt-and-pepper beard and matching hair to boot. (And let’s not forget that one time in March he was spotted with a pair of sideburns that could rival Burt Reynolds'.) So we weren't exactly expecting Carell to show up to a movie premiere last Friday with a sun-kissed tan, clean-shaven face, and full-blown gray hair that could give George Clooney's signature 'do a run for its money — but damn does he look good.
Apparently, the Twittersphere was just as surprised at his transformation. People on the social media site were quick to respond to the actor's makeover, dubbing him Hollywood’s latest heartthrob and saying how great the new look is on him.
Who knew that all it took for the actor to go viral was stepping out with a silvery new hairdo? But if you think the internet is going to have the last laugh, well, then you don't know Steve Carell.
Entertainment Tonight had a chance to ask him how he felt about the sudden unexpected attention. He hilariously responded, “I am so sick of people just looking at me for my physical attributes. It's just genetic. There's nothing I can do." All jokes aside, Carell added to his statement, "I'm bursting with pride. That's very nice."
Aww. Michael Scott, is that you?
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