Most Millennials Aren't That Into Avocado Toast

Photo: Michelle Albert/Getty Images.
Millennials have been linked with both self-importance and an undying love of avocado toast. But according to the Huffington Post, real-life millennials aren't actually so keen on one of those things.
The site teamed with research company YouGov to figure out, once and for all, whether or not millennials are obsessed with the green stuff. Last year, when avocado toast hit its peak, it was being blamed for everything, from millennials' struggles with home ownership and finances to restaurants adding it to menus with the hopes that it would bring in a new clientele. But the numbers don't lie: While avocado toast was front and centre in the minds of millennials, they weren't actually eating all that much of it. And — gasp! — 65% of under-30 diners say they've never even seen it offered on a menu.
HuffPo found that "people aged 18-29 (a group mostly comprising millennials) are in fact not more obsessed with avocados than anyone else." Well, there goes that theory: People of all ages pretty much love avocados in equal measure. The researchers also found that only 6% of millennials have actually ordered avocado toast at restaurants — that's only 1% above older adults' ordering habits. And here's where the news refutes claims that avocados are a hurdle to owning a home: YouGov's number crunchers found that 14% of millennials report making their own version of the dish at home, giving restaurant versions a big ol' DIY middle finger. Only 8% of adults over the age of 30 reported going homemade. Who's thrifty now?
We're not saying that chowing down on green toast at home leads to saving tons of actual green, but trends are pointing to a higher number of millennial homeowners. According to Zillow's new site, millennials make up 56% of first-time homebuyers and almost half of all homebuyers.
Millennials may love taking photos of avocado toast, but in real life, they're not actually ordering it up any more than their older counterparts.

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