A Bar Posted This Flawless Sign To Stop Men From Sexually Harassing A Female Bartender

Photographed by Sunny Shokrae.
Being a woman means that you don't have to do much during a night out for some men to feel like it's okay to act inappropriately towards you. And if you're a female bartender, that behaviour is only exacerbated by alcohol and the fact that part of your job description is being nice to customers.
But a bar in Exeter got fed up with how some of its male customers were sexually harassing its female bartender, so they created a sign to remind them that being courteous doesn't think what some men think it does. The sign starts, "Why the female cashier is being nice to you."
Option A: "She is uncontrollably sexually attracted to you. Option B: "Because that's literally her fucking job you cretin." Ding, ding, ding. As you might have guessed, option B is the correct one. No, dear drunk patron, she's not into you. She's just working. Now, please, pay for your beer and walk away.
The Beer Cellar shared a picture of the sign on Twitter, saying, "This is definitely our favourite sign in the bar. Also if dudes could stop trying to kiss our female bartender's hands that would be great."
According to Mashable, Charlotte Mullin, an illustrator, created the sign. She told the outlet the inspiration behind it was her experience working in retail for about six years.
"You're obviously pressured to give A+ customer service, and loads of people would interpret common hospitality as romantic interest," she said.
"I wanted to make it clear that female staff are nice to you because they have to be!" added Mullin. "And, of course, most of us are decent human beings and would be nice to you anyway, but in no way does this mean we're dying for your dick."
As any woman that has worked in the service industry can tell you, truer words have never been spoken.

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