Avril Lavigne Isn't Dead — But Her Look Has Changed A LOT

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock.
The weirdest rumour circulating the Internet right now? (Besides Demi Lovato and Poot?) That Avril Lavigne has been dead for years, and was replaced by her doppelganger Melissa Vandella in 2003. When you scroll through Avril’s Instagram, comments flood her posts begging Melissa to come clean. Take this gem for example: “Your bio says ‘designer’ nope melisaa, Avril didn’t like to design. The jig is up." Right.
So are the rumours true? Absolutely not. But the singer's appearance has changed drastically in the 15 years since "Skater Boi" came out. (Anyone else feeling really old right now?) Ahead, we break down her evolving hair and makeup changes — from punk rock princess to Hollywood glamazon.
Whether you're team #Avril or #Melissa, we can all agree this evolution is pretty damn impressive.
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Avril's signature look — pin-straight auburn hair and increasingly smudgy black liner — became her calling card (and inspired a legion of middle school copycats).
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In a drastic departure from her signature look (and one that's partially responsible for all those death rumours), Lavigne went for platinum blond hair and bright eyes.
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Photo: Steve Granitz/Contributor.

Slowly but surely the eyeliner came back, along with pastel pink highlights.
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Clearly having been bit by the colour bug, Lavigne dove headfirst into a pool of rainbow hair dye in 2012. An undercut and thick black glasses completes her full-on punk transformation.
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Photo: Mindy Small/FilmMagic.

And just like that, she switched back to bright blonde hair and bronzy makeup. This might be the only year we understand the Melissa rumours. Since when did Avril Lavigne spray tan?
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Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images.

The last time Lavigne was publicly photographed, she was guest performing at Taylor Swift's concert (another rumoured missing person) and headlining the opening ceremony for the Special Olympics. Back then, she was wearing golden blonde hair and pretty bronze undereyes.
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Based on her Instagram, it appears Avril is still rocking those long blonde layers — but rediscovered her stash of black sooty liner. Seriously, the fact that she keeps coming back to this look should be proof enough that Avril is alive and well, people.

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