This Woman Is Not Here For The Ridiculous Summer Diet Ads

Anyone walking down the street, turning on the TV, or looking through social media has probably already been bombarded by ads flaunting summer bodies, bikini diets, and more. And while many women can ignore the inane message of beach bodies and summer slim-downs, Milly Smith, a body-positivity advocate took it one step further and spoke out. PopSugar reports that the vlogger and creator of the #mybadassbody movement posted a powerful photo showing just how she's feeling about the upcoming season and any expectations associated with it.
"Hey summer diet adverts/products, just a FYI that you won't be fucking with me this year," Smith wrote in an Instagram post showing her in summer-ready clothes by Aerie. She addresses summer diets and products directly, saying that they've taken her happiness and her pride. This year, she's not having any of it. "You've taken years of smiles from my summers. You've made me hide my body under layers," she continues. "You made me ashamed. Well you can FUCK OFF this year."
Smith's followers applauded her positive attitude and outlook. "You have no idea how much I appreciate you. I can't believe I can finally eat without consulting counting the calories. I can enjoy milkshakes again. Thank you so much," one wrote.
"I admire your strength and the will to keep fighting for happiness, showing that it's possible," another added.
The photo prompted others to share their own stories. A scroll through the comments reveals more powerful stories of positivity and facing summer diet ads (and their unattainable ideals) head-on. "Needed to see/read this so bad. About to fly to Jamaica for my holiday and even though I like to think I'm not effected [sic] by stupid diet ads, I am," a user described. She continues by affirming Smith's message, "I can feel the anxiety building about having to get into a bikini, and the guilt creeps in every time I decide to eat something delicious. And I'm what society would consider as slim, and yet those body hang-ups still taunt me. Why the hell has society made us think we need to look a certain way to be able to be happy in our own skin?! Screw that!"
Smith concluded her caption with a summer-ready mic drop, too. "I'll be laughing at your attempts to reel me in from behind my ice cream and pina colada," she wrote. "This girl ain't got time for your shit. To [sic] busy living life." Let's all raise a piรฑa colada to that.
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